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Monday, 26 June 2017

Anti-DUP protests are an opportunistic attempt to push anti-Tory agenda

Anti-DUP protests are an opportunistic attempt to push anti-Tory agenda
- The news has been awash with people taking to the streets in protest of the proposed supply and confidence pact between the Conservatives and the Democratic Union Party, but delve a little deeper and the anti-DUP protest movement in England looks like a cynical and opportunistic attempt to push an anti-Tory agenda.
The people are passionate and well intentioned but it seems disingenuous or possibly even exploitative of the suffering of people in Northern Ireland. Protestors are using the mistreatment of women in Northern Ireland as a stick to beat the Tories, but did they care three weeks ago?
Where were the hundreds of protesters when Stormont ignored a High Court ruling that Northern Ireland’s abortion laws were “incompatible with human rights”, when the Supreme Court ruled that Northern Irish women couldn’t access free abortions on the NHS, or when the DUP used their petition of concern to block equal marriage? Certainly not in London.